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The treatment duration

The treatment duration depends on prior agreement with the patients, their relatives and medical personnel.

Upon completion of the discussed course of treatment a further medication may be discussed and prescribed in the home environment and under supervision of relatives. During this time, online consultations may be provided (therapy adjustments, results assessment, inclusion of mono-rehabilitation program elements targeted on continuation of that break-through moment when patients’ behavior is getting improved leading to their healing). During this stage of treatment, the narcological department team pays especial attention to cooperation with the patients, their relatives, psychologist, and medical personnel. The patients are observed by the medical team as long as the patients want it, and on another hand, as long as the patients need it for their health.

The patients and their relatives are provided with necessary information about further available treatment, motivation and rehabilitation in other establishments, provided the contact information including addresses of the foreign AA groups in the Internet that are available 24 hours