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How do we do that:

We provide outpatient treatment as well in the hospital during the day, as requested by patients or their relatives. If the patients would like to take a rest after procedures provided during the day and regain some energy for the next day, they will be able to stay at the hospital overnight for a small fee.

All treatment is provided in compliance with narcological service methodological recommendations developed by Latvian Republic Cabinet of Ministers.

Medication administered during procedures is approved and registered in Latvia.

Holistic approach towards treatment of patients allows to pay attention to accompanying illnesses and involve in the consultations the medical specialists with other required qualifications. This is not a government program; therefore, the patients will have to pay additionally for additional examinations according to LMC price list. (You may see the price list here). Testing the blood for sugar levels is conducted by glucometer during the treatment.

Depending on patients’ capability to perceive surrounding events, alongside with a medication treatment we use the opportunity to demonstrate to patients certain thematical movies, talk to patients to improve their psycho-emotional state, their calming down and calm acceptance of the current events.